This afternoon the weather was fine so I took a nice long walk. While I was admiring the daffodils I noticed this….


Of course I picked it up…perhaps it was a secret message for ME. Click on the image to see what I read.

Thoughts of Sweetie and “L” occupied the rest of my walk. Who are they? Do they live nearby? How old are they? Have they been married for 30 years or did they just find each other? And, really, why didn’t “L” want coffee? Was it because Sweetie’s coffee was lousy? Or did “L” have a doctor’s appointment that morning? Maybe there were tests that would entail giving up breakfast and even coffee. Did Sweetie know about the appointment? Or was “L” being vague so as not to cause worry?

I’ll never find out, but I hope everything is ok.



One Comment

  1. I miss you sweetie. yes I do. coffee or no.

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