IC14 Show!


The new issue of Plants & Gardens News has arrived! And that means spring can’t be far behind….hooray! P&G News is a wonderful gardening publication for members of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. If you turn to page six you’ll find a hilarious and informative article about garden therapy by Ilene Sternberg entitled “Rake Two Flower Beds and Call Me in the Morning”. I got to have a lot of fun doing the accompanying illustration.

And even more good news, no sooner did I get my copy of the newsletter than I received a phone call informing me that this piece has been selected to be in the Illustrators Club Juried Exhibition this spring! The show will be held at PEPCO’s new Edison Place Art Gallery in downtown Washington, DC.

ps. In the original illo the bird is grey as P&G News is a two color publication, but here I made him a cardinal because, well, because I can. Go ahead, pretend you are wearing binoculars and click on him for a closer look.

pps. And to top it off, this week’s Illustration Friday prompt is “garden”! Wow….

13 thoughts on “IC14 Show!

  1. congrats, peggy! you are a wonderful illustrator! love the shapes here, of the trees, the bird. wonderful colors, too! gardening IS a therapy, renewing, exhausting, all that digging in dirt, chasing little slugs out of your hostas…verrrry best kind of therapy! :))

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