SFG: Mechanical


This week’s prompt for Sugar Frosted Goodness is “mechanical”.

Originally I intended to carefully line up gears in the head of this automaton but when I started playing with the parts I was reminded of my Dad’s “bits and pieces drawer” and thought I’d leave it all jumbled up. Then I threw in some seashells, coins and buttons for good measure. And instead of removing the layer that had my sketch on it, I left it in, thinking I’d let her stay sketchy, so she’d look like she is still in the planning stages or has some sort of robot mental illness….

Speaking of automata, I cannot say enough good things about this book:
I loved it, my kids loved it. It’s wonderful.


  1. This is absolutely mech-tastic!!!! She’s thinking, “it’s fun to be girl!”

  2. I love this, I love the movement of the gears as a conceptual for hair. Wonderful piece.

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