IF Blanket


Last week my daughter had a terrible fall and cut her foot badly. She was such a trooper throughout the whole ordeal. I won’t go into detail, but suffice it to say that it was the scariest episode in my parenting life. A few days later she was scheduled to have surgery to repair two tendons. I brought my sketchbook to the OR waiting area. (Mostly as an excuse to just stare at her) We laughed about the surgery beret and how it made her braids go up like Pippi Longstocking’s. I got to wear one too! Here she is watching Scooby Doo on TV. The staff was wonderful. They were all so kind to her, but the best thing was the heated blanket that a nurse brought for her to snuggle up in. Wow, that really made her smile.

I’ve taken to warming up blankets lately when I need a little lift. I wear them like a cape when I am doing my Super Mom bit….”able to carry 60+ pounds up and down two flights of stairs!” I highly recommend it.

ps….The patient is doing very well.

The folks at the art supply store will get a kick out of this….


Here she is all dressed up for her dad’s birthday. And with a lovely bouquet from my friend, Karen, florist extraordinaire.

dadsbd.jpg   roses.jpg 


  1. Touching and lovely illo. These things are usually harder on the parents, thank goodness children repair well and fast (hopefully).

  2. Designsprite

    Well done, and so cozy! I really adore this illustration and combined with the story, it’s really quite touching.

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