IF: Stitch


This week’s Illustration Friday prompt is stitch. Perfect! I have just been playing with textures and handlettering. I like this yarn because it is dyed so that when you knit it, it looks like a fair isle pattern. Sort of a wooly trompe l’oeil. Pretty clever idea for us beginner knittters!


I started knitting this to be a baby sweater for my nephew, Teddy. Then I continued to work on it for his baby brother, James. A few years later Fate was born… um…. you get the idea. I a m a s l o w k n i t t e r.

But I’m pretty quick with handlettering! So, finally, it’s wound up as a background for a holiday greeting. Here’s wishing you a happy, healthy new year!

ps. For advanced knitters who know how to knit a true fair isle and want to get fancy…visit the knitting gnome and stock up on fabulous stitch markers!!


  1. love how you incorporated the knitting and the lettering!

  2. That is sew sweet!

  3. woolly trompe l’oeil. I actually had an opportunity to use that at work Saturday! This is cozy and wonderful. I love your lettering too. xo

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