Life drawing


For the past few months I have been attending weekly life drawing sessions with the Towson Artists Group. As an illustrator, I make art that fits within the parameters of “my style” to meet the needs of a specific client. When I work with kids (mine and others) I also tend to stylize and get crafty. It has been years since I have tried to simply and accurately draw what I see in front of me. At first I felt clumsy and self conscious, it was hard to get past the idea that I needed to be communicating a “concept”, but now I am completely hooked. It has been a blast of fresh air to be around adults who are painting and drawing for the sheer joy of it. The others in the group seem so comfortable and at ease with their work, but they take it seriously. The camaraderie has been fantastic.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my clients. Making art to fill a client’s needs is a completely different kind of challenge with its own rewards. And I have so much fun (and learn a ton of stuff!) working with kids. My once a week life drawing exercise is sort of like going to the gym. I am enjoying working a different part of my brain – hand relationship.

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